About Friendsies

About Friendsies™

Friendsies™ is a website committed to matching you with potential friends for lasting, real friendships from ages 18 to 80! Friendsies™ matches you with like-minded people who enjoy the same hobbies and interests, and want the same things in a friendship.

Friendsies™ is a service geared to help connect people for potential, real relationships as friends. Our goal is to provide you with the tools in your search to find compatible people in your area with whom you can foster friendship!

Friendsies™ recognizes a need for more avenues to make new friends besides traditional methods. As more people connect socially via the internet, it makes sense to be able to make more streamlined choices for the people with whom you interact. Our format allows you to do just that! Narrow down your options, so that you are connecting with like-minded people!

Friendsies™ is designed to build friendships. It is not a dating site. There are many, many sites available to the public for finding romance. Please do not use our site for that purpose, or your membership may be revoked.

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