Friendsies FAQ

Friendsies™ FAQ

What is Friendsies™ for?
Friendsies™ is a site to make new friends; it is not a dating site.

What do the Icons mean?
There are currently four function icons on your Matches page. Put your cursor over the icon to get the icon's description.

Why don't I have any matches?
Friendsies™ is a new site, so please be patient while people find us! You may not find eligible matches right away. It may take time, but hang in there! It is worth the wait to find real friends!

What if I don't think my matches are compatible?
Friendsies™ finds your matches based on the information that you provide. If you feel that you are not getting the proper matches, it is possible to update profile information. However, please answer all questions honestly, so that you are matched with like-minded people, for the best results.

Does Friendsies™ cost anything?
Friendsies™ is currently a free service. When it is no longer a free service, you will be notified by email of subscription rates. You may then choose to join at our subscription rate, or you may decide to opt out of our service.

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